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I do not have a LMS system available to use. More information about the use of MC Lab would be very helpful, especially how my students could take my test and I would be informed of who, when and what their test score. Has anyone used the MCL in anyway?Help anyone?[:confused:]
Hi George, As your post indicates that you want to control, log and record access then you really need an LMS.
If access is going to be made by a limited number of users and they are sharing the same network then it isn't difficult to host an LMS on a fairly basic PC platform.
I ran an LMS on an 800mhz P3 laptop with 512mb RAM. The main limitation using was IIS which gives concurrency problems. Switching to a LAMPS stack improved that.
On a low spec dual core you could do this really easily.
I Thank both of you for your replies and information. I am learning this is a much deeper field than I was aware. Looking at Moodle 2.0 now.

This is a useful link, there is a listing of open source CMS, LMS and LCMS. These all have demonstration sandbox sites that you allow you to look and play with.
Hi, George,

Well, in fact MC is not real LMS, it is more like the tool to test your course on web-server with some LMS functions. If you plan to use it for real students testing/teaching then I think it would be better to setup some LMS (free or commercial) to get more functions. I think there are simple LMS that can work on usual PC, not server.
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