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Problem with Sco resume IE7
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Hi everybody! I've got a big bad problem with a SCORM 1.2 course.
This is my scenario: I developed an LMS for DotNetNuke and i loaded a SCO produced with CourseLab. It works great with Firefox 3.6.x:All the data was stored in the db correctly and all the functionality are ok(test, resume course, timing etc...).The problem come when i try to resume the course with IE7. The error is about initialization.The SCO display two alerts, first one called by SCORM_Initialize() and second called by SCORM_Load() (both functions in lms.js). This errors was displayed ONLY when i try to re-enter the course in the same web-session.After this two alert the first slide of the course was displayed and the course proceede correctly..but from the beginning!Another strange thing: if i delete the internet temporary files before i re-enter the course the problem doesn't appear!
What's wrong with IE7 and his temp internet file?Or the problem is with the SCO api? I think that my LMS work correctly...so the problem is inside the sco package!
Can anybody help me out?
Thanks thanks thanks and have a nice day!

PS:sorry for my english![:D]
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