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Different images in Frame Navigator
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Hi, I've been working with the Frame Navigator in one course, per request of my customer we changed the images of all the buttons to a more friendly ones.

The problem I have is that instead of showing those new buttons, it appears an X for each image as it wouldn't properly upload each image.

But if I run the course by viewing the slide, or frame, or into the LMS and move the mouse above each of the X, it appears the proper images.

So I have a problem since I don't know how to fix this, does anyone have any idea of how could I solve this?

Each of the images is a part of a set of images, to change there you need to change the images. The provisio being you should use the same physical size and the same name and format.
OK that's obvious isn't it!! But courselab does have the habit of changing little things like this back to the default values.
The way to preserve the changes you want is quite simple.
Create your new icon set.
Substitute them in to preview the page as it will be BUT keep a copy of the images.
Once completed and published then open the file (or zip for AICC/SCORM) and substitute in your images.
It should work OK then.
It drove me mad too for a while.
Version 2 is more fun.
Using suns virtualbox install a copy of courselab.
Find the files that make up the colour sets for the add in devices. Drop in your icon sets to replace the originals (again names, filetypes and sizes must be identical.
Repeat for all the tools or colour sets.
Build your modules and your substituted icons will appear.
This is an ideal approach if you have an ongoing set of modules to build that need an idenical look and feel.
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