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Problem With MSGBOX function
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I am a begining user of courselab. May i ask a simply question about the MSGBOX function?

In the How To's -->Dragging and dropping objects example, when we put the box wrongly or correctly, a pop-up box will come up.

I think it is because of the MSGBOX function. But i wonder why the words in MSGBOX(Text= )is not shown.
and it is not allowed to change the text in MSGBOX.
"Error in expression " shown whenever i just delete a single word in the MSGBOX demo
I'm facing the same but i have no clue what umk67 means.
Could you be more specific?
Thank you
actually not umk67..

just i find that it need to use double quote " " instead of single quote' ' for the text msg.

sovled, thx
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