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Module Objectives - How to add
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I thought I knew how to do this (Add another "Objective" to a module) but low and behold it just does not seem to want to work. Indeed part of the answer might be that for each additional Objective I try to add the Objectives ID pop-up box "Module Objective" select box is shaded and not available. Where is the command hidden to make this box useable?[:confused:]
Hi, Alan,

Why you need more than one module objective? There could be only one Module objective, which contains score and statuses for whole module (that's why checkboxes are dimmed). It means that this objective is main objective, nothing more.
If that is the case why does the system appear to indicate you can "Add" another objective? Also for now I just want to change the default "total" to one of my naming. I have done this for module 01 but subsequent modules will not allow me to replace the default. I have created the objectives and I can see them but I cannot get to the "Module Objective" tick box to make it go YES or for that matter to turn the default off or to delete the default. In module 01 I could.
Hi, Alan,

why does the system appear to indicate you can "Add" another objective?
because objectives can be used in different tasks within the module and store statuses for these tasks.

These checkboxes are actually legacy. Some time ago it was active and users got errors "No module objective defined", because they played with these checkboxes. Now one module objective is always defined and cannot be deleted. These checkboxes become just indicators.
If you need another name for module objective - just rename "total".
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