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Edit Pictures
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I need to edit JPEGs in my CourseLab courses to reduce their size. I no longer have the originals.

Is there a way to copy the pictures to another application so that I can make the size reductions?

Or, can I do that within CourseLab?

Any help would be appreciated.

Andy Manzini
Yoou will find all pictures you use in your CL title in the map cd/1/images or another map you published your title in.

If you have you original CL files, they are in the map 1/images.

First make a copy of the whole map to a safe place in case you mess up a picture. Then just edit them until they suit your needs.
Don't throw away the backup but backup it together with your original CL files.
AS Barend says the original will still be there.
I always make a folder structure for a project, one of the folders in the project is for the original media (pictures, graphics etc) and another for the processed and scaled images that are actually used.
If it's important it also goes onto both of my NAS RAIDS at home LOL I tend not to loose things but sometimes have trouble finding them!! It uses up a little space but then storage these days is cheap.
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