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Password Protection
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Hi all,

I'm working on a course where I want to hand out the CD to students, but would like to password protect the videos until we want students to view them. Is this a possibility within CourseLab

Hi Phil
It's not really possible with any CD based content unless you encrypt the videos.
Of course you have to allow the files to be unencrypted to play at which point they are totally open to copying.
It isn't an available option because it's not a viable or readily enableable proposition.
I work with a lot of NHS patient identifiable information media, encrypting that so it's usable by the end user isn't particularly easy and quite clumsy. If there was an easy and reliable way to achieve what you're after I'd be using it!!
You could allow the module to run to a certain point and then add a prompt for a key word or sequence of characters that allows them to continue. This could even be a standard fill in the blank question. The problem there is that the CD delivery has no memory of the point that was reached at last use so your user has to restart each time. Which would go some way to meeting your requirement.
It would still allow the user to open the CD file structure where the content is and so view the video sequences unless you can obfuscate the view of the CD content, again not easy to achieve.
Hi Nick,

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll try it out and see what happens.

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