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Hopw do I publish several IDs in the same course in Moodle?
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I have a problem with publishing more than one course created in Course lab into Moodle. I create different sub topics of a particular course in Course lab then publish it in Moodle, but the problem is the current files always replace the old files. Thus the previous links open the last updated sub topic. As I understand this is because, Course lab uses the same pattern of file directories when it publishes any course. Is there anyway that I could upload different subtopics created in Course lab in the same course area of Moodel?
Hi, Fernando,

If you are producing different modules in different CourseLab courses, then module folder names can be the same, of course. The solution is to add modules in once created course. Module folder names will be distinct within one course.
Hello Shchinov,

Thanks a lot for the reply.

Well, I use Course Lab to create different chapters of the same course as different modules. Each module has a different file name. But once the course is piblished, the sub folders are automatically renamed identically as the previousely published modules' sub folder names. (Course Lab seems to publish any module with identical sub folder names) Then, when I upload the module into Moodle, the current module file simply replaces the previous files.

If you have any idea how to change the sub folder names while publishing the course, please be kind enogh to educate me on that. Thus I will be able to publish many Course lab modules within the same course in Moodle.

Once again thanks a lot!
Hi Fernando
I think your problem will be tied to how are you adding them in Moodle.
When you upload a zip and expand it the files are added to an area assigned to you or that courses area. These are just folders.
If you just use one area for a course (a single folder) then the files will be overwritten. Moodle does a good job of maintaining versionng and changes but if you add the same named files to the course folder then it will assume they are updates.
It ought to be easy to get back assuming there is an archive area set up. Good practice says that you archive the contents as zips before change and date stamp them so you can get a specific version back if you need it again.
I'd suggest making a few discrete folders on moodle for the different modules. So you'd have a top level course folder then sub folders for each module. That should keep all of the different modules discrete and your problem will go away.
Hello James,

Thanks a lot! It works!
You saved my life! lol![:p]
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