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Changing the template
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I want to be able to change the template that I originally chose for the course - however I have already added all my content onto the course.

Is there a way of being able to change the master slide template without having to create another course and copying all the content over?

I am aware of the 'Templates' section on the right hand side of CourseLab, but that just seems to add an additional master slide and change the title slide accordingly rather than overriding the original master template.

Louise [:confused:]
Hi, Louise,

First, you can edit (customize) module's master-slide at any time. After that you can save your template in My Templates section (using Service menu).
Second, if you want to change one template to another - switch right panel into Templates view, select desired template and drop it onto the module window. Additional master-slide will be added to module. In the Slides panel select all the slides you want to use new master-slide, right-click to get context menu, select Master-slide option and select desired master-slide icon. All selected slides will get new master-slide.
You are an absolute star!

Thank you very much for your help!

Louise. [;)]
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