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AICC imported module not attempted
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[:confused:] Hi All,
After importing my module in to Dokeos the course can be completed by the user but the lms shows not attempted in the results section.
The course does not contain questions the slide are informational only I have tried changing the rules but no joy anyone help!!
Ken W
Make sure you have an action in the last frame thats sets the completion status of objective to complete.

There might be more to than that, but I'd check that first. Very easy to overlook.
[:)] Hi Lou,
Thanks for advice, I checked and I had set the status to completed,I have another theory I have upgraded to the latest release of CourseLab I am wondering if there is a bug or perhaps a corruption after install?

Ken W
[:)] Hi All,
After reading the messages regarding possible bugs in the latest build of courselab I decided to re-install the previous version.
I can report my problem has disapeared and Dokeos LMS shows the results I expected.
Ken W
Hi, Ken!
Too little information to say smth. If we could look at the module right in the LMS... Is it possible? (support@courselab.com)
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