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If Success and Objectives
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I am trying to display some text based upon the result of an Objective. If I display the objective result it comes to 1, so does this count as a success ?

The code I am then using is:

IF SUCCESS STATUS(Objective=Quest1,status-'p')
>DISPLAY OBJECT='GREEN',Display='inline',Effect='..
>>DISPLAY OBJECT='RED',Display='inline',Effect=

With the indents, shouldn't this show the object GREEN if the question is correct and RED if it is not ?

Or is my logic wrong ?
Hi, Bob!

This is correct action sequence. But perhaps there is no status rule for objective Quest1, which sets its success status to Passed. Status rules are located in Module -> Runtime settings (Rules tab). Also be aware that status rules are evaluated not immediately after changing scores, but on every slide transition only.
Thank you, I will look at the rules, this is one area that I have not setup. However I do display the result of Quest 1 on the screen and it comes up with a 1. Do I need to set a rule that if it is 1 then it counts as passed ?
Tried it this morning and it works, thanks very much for your help
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