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PPT Import error
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HELP!!! Just purchased & installed PPT import. Now I can get as far as selecting a PPT file, but when I then click 'next', nothing happens!!! What am I doing wrong?
I'm using Windows Vista, with PowerPoint 2007. (Files saved as xp version doesn't do anything either).[:confused:][:confused:]
Hi, Andy!
We have tested PowerPoint Import again with Vista and PP 2007 - and it seems to be working (at least we have found no errors). The first suggestion is that your PP presentation is quite big, therefore it takes a lot of time to import it. The second suggestion is that you are using outdated version of CorseLab - please make sure that you are using CourseLab version 2.3 and build 070821 (i.e. current version).

Hi. I bougth the PowerPoint import and IU have the same problemI can import the ppt file without problems, but when I try to go to the next slide I have the NextSlide: undefined msg.
Also if I try to navigate by listbox element I get the message: CallMethod: nav_001_selector JumpToSlide undefined

What can be happened?
Thanks in advance.
Hi, David!

Unfortunately, there is not enough information to answer your question. Would you like to send us (support@courselab.com) small sample of this course?

I sent to you an email.

Thank you.
Did you recieve my email?
I sent to you an example.
I need to know what is happening.
I have not been able to use the ppt importer.

Hi, David!
Email is received. We are testing right now. Hope the answer will be sent to you this evening or tomorrow morning. Surprisingly, we have no errors in your test module. We are trying to suggest where the problem may occur.
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