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Roadmap for Courselab?
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May you give us some information about the roadmap e.g. planned and upcoming features etc.?

Hi, Willi!
Unfortunately, there is no such (ready-to-publish) formal document. Though the work is in progress. Perhaps we will publish it in few months.

only thing I currently miss is a way to have custom colors consistently available throughout a course.
Currently I find myself putting in the same colors again and again after converting them from hex to rgb. Even after defining them as custom colors I usually loose them sooner or later for no apparent reason.

Hi, Juergen!

There is a custom module color palette setting (menu Module - Design settings - Colors tab). It is intended for quick access to predefined colors. If you define your custom colors here, then it will be saved for this module as a part of quick color palette. Quick color palette is available as a drop-down menu by clicking a small arrow near the Fill color icon (or Line color icon).
Unlike usual Windows color picker (which loses settings sometimes - you're right), colors should not disappear from this palette, because it is saved as module setting.
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