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Quick test in only one slide
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I have tried to make quick test without dividing it into separate slides. It’s a better solution form me because I don’t want to see in the table of contents items like question 1, question 2, question3, etc.
I tried to make it using 1 slide and 4 frames (3 questions and total scores). The problem is that, when I answer question 1 and click forward button it moves me into frame number 4 omitting question number 2 and question number 3. Each one frame has “advance/wait for action” activate
1. You can use Test object, that can contain different types of questions on one Slide without splitting it to Frames. In this case I think it fits better.
2. Frame advance issue: did you mean Next button? It always transfers you to the next Slide - not Frame. If you want to make next Frame transition, please create dedicated button with GOTO action attached.
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