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Content Package Conformance Test 2004
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Does output from course lab meet the scorm compliance of the ADL Content Package Conformance Test, this seems to be the gold standard? of claiming scorm compliance.

Has anyone tried this test? How do I get output from course lab to comply even at the simplest level?
ADL Wisconsin Testing Organization tested and found CourseLab-generated SCORM package SCORM 2004 conformant at 12 Apr 2006 (there is <a href="http://www.adlnet.gov/scorm/certified/Certification.aspx?ID=149">the corresponding record at ADL site</a>, test audit log is also available in PDF <a href="http://www.courselab.com/db/cle/92FCEBAC429C8672C32571690042CB17/doc.html">from our site</a>).
But why are you asking that - do you have any problems with CourseLab SCORM package? If you do, please inform us at support@courselab.com or here.
thanks slav,

i'm just looking at different options for making scorm compliant content, and was thinking what is the best way to validate any content i develop.

thanks again
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