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how to prevent learners from skipping questions and tests
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how can I prevent users from skipping tests and questions ?

All I want to do is display a Ballon and stay on the slide until the user has at least tried to answer the question. After answering (correct or wrong) the user should be able to move forward.

I tried to use actions -> on skip question -> Display -> Goto

Nothing happens though.
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It can be made quite easy using events, objectives and NAVIGATION action.

First, open Frames panel on the slide where question is located. Select Actions from current Frame context menu. Select "afterdisplay" event. Add TIMER action with delay 0.1-0.2 sec. Add NAVIGATION action with "All objects" and "Disable" as dependent action to TIMER. So we've switched all navigation objects off (small timer delay is needed to be sure that this action will be the last action attached to "afterdisplay" event). Actually, the same can be done using Slide's "afterdisplay" event, but using Frame's event is more safe.

Second, attach NAVIGATION (All Object, Enable) action to any suitable event of Question object (for example "onQuestionEnd", i.e. when user succeeded or failed and all attempts are used).

That's all.

A little bit more complex scheme, that switches off navigation objects only if user visits the slide first time:

Step 0: add special objective to control user's visit to slide in menu Module - Runtime settings (let's call it "control" for example).

Step 1: needs to be slightly modified. Add action IF SUCCESS STATUS (objective "control", status "success") as first action. Add ELSE. TIMER and NAVIGATION action become dependent actions of ELSE. Like this (_ are instead of tabs):


Step 2 also needs to be modified: add second action SET SUCCESS STATUS (objective "control", "succeeded").

In this case, if user has already visited this slide, then success status of objective "control" will be "succeeded", therefore navigation objects remain untouched.

thanks a lot for the very good description. My last tries were pretty much similar to your description except for the timer. Without the timer, the event is probably happening too early so that the navigation gets enabled again I would guess.

Thanks again,

The more I use CourseLab, the more impressed I am.
i just covered the 'next' button until that question was answered
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