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Film form YouTube
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How add to project film from YouTube?
Currently there's no possibility to insert YouTube (and similar) movies to the slide. The only way you can do it now is some simple direct code edit in FINAL (published) version of course.
To do that:
1. Copy code from YouTube for embedding. Find movie URL (for example, http://www.youtube.com/v/_x0YtFUYSvY).
2. Insert Flash object on the slide (because YouTube-movie is Flash). Insert movie URL into the File field. CourseLab will say that it cannot copy the file. Ignore.
3. After you did all and publish the course: locate file runtime.xml in corresponding module's folder. Open it with any text editor (Notepad or smth). Find all incorrect movie URLs (will look like images/_x0YtFUYSvY) and replace them with full URLs (http://www.youtube.com/v/_x0YtFUYSvY). Note, that filename (i.e. _x0YtFUYSvY) is left unchanged by CourseLab and this is what you should search. Save file. Done.

This is just workaround for now. In future releases we will implement appropriate ways of implementing external media-content.[:)]
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