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CourseLab and Firefox
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On course Polski Moodle on moodle.org Vyacheslav Shchinov wrote "published modules can be played in Gecko browser family as well". I have Firefox 2.0.3 and tried to open yours modules from How To's. I have blank page. What problem?
Sorry, it is our fault.
This was cross-domain security issue in FireFox. We have moved all examples to another server to optimize downloads (download.courselab.com is a server located in another IP address space with courselab.com/www.courselab.com) some time ago and did not check result with FireFox. It seems that FireFox has even more restrictions on cross-domain links with active content than IE - IE has too, but refers to domain names first, therefore in IE there was no problem.
Now we have move all examples and how-to's back.
Also, please note, that some examples use specific IE features (so they may look not correct in FF). That was author's decision to use IE specific features - not CourseLab restriction.
I've created a very simple course with just one slide that contains a shape object. I added an onclick action with the code MOVE - START(Object='SHAPE2',X='50',Y='100',...).

When watching the published course, the shape moves fine in Internet Explorer (7.0) but is not even visible in Firefox (2.0).

Are there still compatibility issues with firefox?
It is stated in user's manual that some objects utilize Explorer-specific features and author should avoid using them, if he wants to use the course in multi-browser environment. These are: Gradient Box and all AutoShapes. AutoShapes are VML-objects and VML (Vector Markup Language) is not supported by FireFox. SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics - another vector format) could be the good alternative, but there are still problems with displaying inline SVG-objects in both Gecko-family and IE. Therefore, if the choice is IE-only or nothing - we choose IE-only.
Personally, I like FireFox, but, when it comes to active and dynamic content, all Gecko-based browsers are weaker than IE. That's just the fact [:(]
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