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In version 2.7, when I create a course for iPad ...
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There is no sound at all, does anybody knows if this a bug that will be fix in the future or there is a feature that won't be available?

Hi Roberto
As soon as you say IPad I think several things and the main one that relates to your problem is locked down system with limited options. In this case it's the file type of the sound, go and check what sound types are being used, which codec they are encoded with and what the IPad does support and you should find the problem.

Sorry for the delay Nickj, so you're telling me the iPad handles different codecs and I can handle these in CourseLab?

Right away I'll talk to my sound engineer and begin testing, thanks! [:)]
It might be more the case to find out what the ipad plays natively and then to check it can use the files you have.
You also need to consider the browser platform ipad uses. There will be other issues generated around the browser used.
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