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CourseLab in Mac
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Does CourseLab's courses work on a Mac? Maybe using Safari or Firefox?


The MAC part isn't relevant other than flash content maybe not working.
What is important is the browser engine and the content was designed to work best on IE. Some components aren't supported properly outside of the IE series by mozilla or webkit based engines.
For example some autoshapes fail on non IE browsers unless you change a simple module wide setting ( Tools,, Options,, Publication Tab {save autoshapes as images ON} )
Different browsers and different versions of each browser will give different results so it is very difficult to say exactly what works!
So there is no way that my courses will run properly on a Mac, since there is no IE for the Mac.

But tell me Nick, what do you mean by changing the simple module wide settings? Could you give me please a more detailed answer, since I don't properly understand it.

Most content will work on non-IE browser engines but some will not, on the whole compatibility is good but not high.
Many of the page objects use some shortcuts and have IE's render engine draw the object. It is quite elegant and limits the file sizes but is limited to IE only. You can force Courselab to save items like this as graphics so they do work cross browser.
This option is found from the drop down menus, TOOLS etc as above. You just switch the feature on for the module.
The new version (not free though) does work far better cross browser, if you are making learning materials commercially then it would be worth looking at this.
Thanks Nick for your answer, it was really helpful [:D]
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