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error when using 'else' within an object
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I have created a test within my training. I want users to automatically navigate to a specific slide on test end if they fail or pass.

I have created a module objective with rules for pass/fail dependant on the test scores.

I have got this to work with no problem for if the module objective is 'Succeeded' but cannot get this to work if they fail. When they fail at the end of the test there is an '?Action Else' error.

The object I have added on the event 'At test end' is:
IF SUCCESS STATUS (Objective='Module Objective',Status= 'Succeeded')
GOTO(Frame='FRAME_34',Option='Specified Frame')
GOTO(Frame='FRAME_37',Option='Specified Frame')

Please let me know if I have missed anything.

Make sure that you outdent the nested code.
That is add a space at the begining of the goto statements.
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