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Java Object
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Is it possible to embed Java object (jar) from the site. If so how to do it. I added a link to external resources, but the Java applet does not start automatically.
On the Menu Modul, Run Time Settings,Modul Properties, check, No Java on the list. Is that the problem why Java Applet not Working ????,

It could well be. If you are using any of the IE family they will default to their iwn java handling which is at best very slow and quite flaky.
If you check for dependancies then it will look for a proper JVM rather than the browser support, for the type of app that was cited earlier this is what you need.
on my PC was installed JDK-6 and I can run any .jar files and i can build Applet by NetBeans, only problem how to insert it for CourseLab 2.4.
Sample site with jar file:
Now we have the Jar file from http://www.opensourcephysics.org/items/detail.cfm?ID=9973 , I inserted in the image folder of Courselab. What is the Start File of this .jar ?. Help me...please who have full sample?[:confused:]
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