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failing a test
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Hi, I need to create a test and if a user fail a test, let's say by 50%, can I create a function so that the user will have to retake the test again or the course again after displaying the result?
So there I am the user.. It says I've failed so I just fold the test and restart it from scratch and keep doing that till I get it right.
Courselab doesn't remember what it's done, that's what you use an LMS for.
The SCORM API wrapper just runs the module but doesn't supply any storage of the data or any mechanisms to do anything with the data.
Ok, how about let's say I display the result e.g Objective: total. Can I use actions like "IF" score is < 3, go to slide 21(example)?
You can, just remember on multline statements you need to outdent, for example

IF 2the variable"<70
_THEN do something
__ELSE do something different

The _ will be spaces, it won't work otherwise.
If you're jumping to somewhere you'll have to use courselabs specific referencing.

You can use the actions IF SCORE and DISPLAY in the same way
Wow! Thanks so much James![:)]
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