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Publishing Problem
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When I publish my course and select "Run from CD", it generates files and says the publishing was a success. I then click on the Autorun.html file and get my course menu selection menu/list displayed. However, when I click on the course name/module, which launches "start.html", a window pops up but it is totally blank (all white). Doesn't matter what course I do this to, I always get a blank screen when I try to run it. Any suggestions?

You using IE ??
IE11 particularly ??

Its a problem with IE, it changed behaviours in 11 and pop up pages don't inheret the parents compatibility mode settings.
There's a fix for this here http://www.friendsofcourselab.info/index.php/learn/
Thanks, James. That did fix the problem. However, now when it runs (in IE 11) the text boxes' formats are all messed up. It's as if it tried to reformat the images and didn't get it quite right. Also, I'm assuming this won't run using Chrome. I get the same blank screen problem I got using IE.
Check that when you add text that you don't cut and paster from anything like word as the formatting codes get passed over too. If using word paste into notepad then copy from there.
Otherwise use libra or open office which cut and pastes cleanly.
Not doing any cutting and pasting. Everything was typed into each text box.
I have the same problem with google chrome
So the position and content aren't rendering on the page properly?
Text boxes move from where you have placed them relative to the page and/or the text itself is wrong?
That is correct. It's mostly the text box borders getting messed up. Also an arrow disappeared from pointing to an object. I also have an embedded video (MP4) and it should cover the entire window, but has now been shrunk to fit into about 1/3 of the window, making it nearly impossible to view (unless I right click and choose Zoom/Full Screen.

Finally, I also get an error message that says "Adobe Flash Player has stopped a potentially unsafe operation. The following local application on your computer (then shows location for file: ...\1\start.html) is trying to communicate with this Internet-enabled location: (then points to location for this file: ...\1\images\...\agent002_a000_0.swf). Perhaps this is related to the rendering problem. I can send you any screen shots that might help if you give me an email address to send them to. Thanks again for your help.


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