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CourseLab documentation can be downloaded using the following links:

[Arabic / العربية]

دليل استخدام برنامج CourseLab (WebHelp) Download (15.5MB)

Chinese / 中国语言

CourseLab 2.7 用户手册 (WebHelp, 中国语言) Download (14.7MB)


CourseLab 2.7 User Guide in the PDF format (English) Download (13.4MB)
CourseLab 2.7 Manual in the WebHelp format (English) Download (13.4MB)
Free CourseLab 2.4 User Guide in the PDF format Download (4.7MB)

French / Français

Manuel utilisateur CourseLab 2.7 (WebHelp, Français) Download (13.4MB)

German / Deutsch

CourseLab 2.7 Benutzerhandbuch (PDF, Deutsch) Download (13.2MB)
CourseLab Benutzerhandbuch 2.7 (WebHelp, Deutsch) Download (17MB)

Spanish / Español

Manual de usuario CourseLab 2.7 (WebHelp, Español) Download (13MB)

Turkmen / Türkmençe

CourseLab 2.7 Ulanyjy üçin gollanma (WebHelp, Türkmençe) Download (16.5MB)