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Compare Versions

The free edition of CourseLab lacks a number of new features that are available in CourseLab Pro. The following table describes differences between the editions of CourseLab.

FeatureFree CourseLabCourseLab Pro
Application language English only Multiple languages
Courses can be played in all major browsers With restrictions Yes
Courses can be played on mobile devices No iOS/Android
Support for touch interface No iOS/Android
Screen capture No Yes
PowerPoint import No Yes
Number of Module Templates groups 6 16
Number of objects 65 115
Rapid development objects 0 15
Data visualization objects 0 5
Number of animated character objects 2 9
Amimated characters use reliable Flash/JavaScript interface No Yes
Question types supported 6 9
QTI 1.2 support No Yes
Detailed question and test results No Detailed results object
Slides can be saved as images No Yes
Object library is open for developers No Yes
New or customized objects can be added to the object library No Yes