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Feature List

CourseLab brings to you the power of creating web based training, software application simulations, computer based training, and interactive e-Learning content. Some of the CourseLab features are listed below.

Layout and usability
  • Familiar PowerPoint-like authoring environment;
  • Course Structure Pane displays tree-like course structure;
  • Module Structure Pane contains thumbnails of all slides in the module and slides hierarchy;
  • Frame Strip contains thumbnails of all frames of current slide;
  • Visual Frame Timeline;
  • Multipurpose Object Pane;
  • Frequently used options are accessible via toolbar buttons.
  • WYSIWYG environment - no HTML or other programming skills required;
  • Embedded Rich Text editor enables formatting text to a specific font, color, font size, including hyperlinks, tables, lists and pictures;
  • Drag-and-drop objects placing;
  • Simple frame-based animation;
  • Action-based object's animation.
Rich-media support
  • Pictures in various formats;
  • Simple insertion and synchronization of audio files in various formats;
  • Adobe® Flash® movies;
  • Adobe® Shockwave® applications;
  • Java® applets;
  • Audio and Video clips in various formats.
Rapid Development
  • A large (and user-expandable) set of ready-to-use module templates;
  • Inheritance - capability to re-use once inserted objects in the entire module;
  • Global default font settings applicable to all text-containing objects;
  • Scenario feature enables building complex multi-object interactions with one mouse click;
Testing and Assessment
  • Built-in test creation capability;
  • Supported types of questions: single choice, multiple select, ordered items, numerical fill-in-blank, text fill-in-blank, and matching pairs;
  • Tools for creating custom questions and interactive exercises of virtually any type.
  • Objective-based scoring allows creating scaled tests.
  • Any object can be an active click (or mouseOver/mouseOut) area;
  • Any part of text can be an active click (or mouseOver/mouseOut) area;
  • Hotspot areas can be defined on pictures;
  • Current values of form elements (such as Text Input Fields, CheckBoxes, Radiobuttons etc.) can be used in actions;
  • Simple intuitive action description language;
  • Event-Action mechanism enables utilizing virtually all functionality of CourseLab depending on user action;
  • Launching applications and documents in new window (PowerPoint®, Excel®, Word® & PDFs).
Special effects in playing mode
  • Programmable object's appearance and disappearance;
  • Configurable transition effects applicable to any object;
  • Rotation of objects;
  • Capabilty to drag objects by mouse;
  • Programmable moving of objects.
Scoring and evaluation
  • Objective-based scoring mechanism;
  • Various conditions can be used to create Success and Completion statuses defining Rules for an objective;
  • Cascading Rules - objective's statuses can also be used in conditions.
Publication options and eLearning standards
  • Simple wizard-based publishing;
  • Publish to HTML for web-site or CD-ROM;
  • Publish to AICC package for importing into any LMS supporting this standard;
  • Publish to SCORM 1.2 package for importing into any LMS supporting this standard;
  • Publish to SCORM 2004 for importing into any LMS supporting this standard.