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Testing my course
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I recently uploaded my courselab course to the Scorm cloud (cloud.scorm.com). It works when I launch it and navigate through it. However, when I close the course and relaunch it, the Scorm cloud does not remember the last page I was on. I have to start the course from the beginning and retake the tests. As another test, I then uploaded the LMS_Quick_Test.zip file to the Scorm cloud, and it did remember the last page visted. However, when I downloaded the source code of LMS_Quick_Test, opened it to Courslab, republished it to 2004 Scorm, uploaded it again to the cloud, it did not remember last page visited. I am using the free version of Courselab . . .would that be a limitation of the free version? Thank you.
Typically this is an LMS problemm I'd look there to start with
Also look at the debug logs that scorm cloud generates, there may be an answer in there.
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