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IF Statement
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Frist hi all,[:)]
I have a problem [:confused:] with my course that I'm trying to Show img in SPECIFIC SLIDE. However I need to put the IF action in master slide, so how to make IF ACTION in master slide to show img in SPECIFIC SLIDE.

--if this slide 13 so show img_33 but if no dont show any thing.

That is all....Thanks
It is not a good idea to put actions on the masterpage of a template set Mohammed. The actions will then be applied to everyslide and can have some interesting effects from buffer overflows to infinte loops.
If you want to show a speific image on a specific slide you first need to identify what event triggers the display.
Then trap the event so that something like a variable is set.
The on the page itself use a display action to hidethe image. I'd then check for a variable having a specific value to trigger display to show the image.
The logic works better doing it this way and you work with the software not against it.
Well u have a good point Nickj [:)], but I will try to make it clear for u.

For example there is a code to change the size for the text in all of the slides in the course except [:(] one slide because there is no text in that slide, so I need to make that image (with the size code action) to hide from this slide.

PS: the image with size code show when I press to another image (Tools button) in master slide.

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