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Template modification using Css
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Dear All,

Has anyone tried and managed to modify Course Lab templates using CSS. Is it also possible to copy text onto blank templates and modify the templates later without affecting the positioning of the text?
Peter look at a module you have published and you will find a CSS file called Course.css which is in the folder called images.
So yes you can modify this but on 2.4 it does little but change the P tag for gecko browsers.
If you do change it you need to manually add the referencing into the xml file that holds the page rendering instructions for that course.
The problem will be that during development any saves you make will overwrite both of these files with the default xml and cs.Your changes will be lost.
If you add an object to a template or save a layout as a template any item you added will stay on the page. You can edit these, just remember that the template you apply is global. So a text box with the text 'PAGE 1' in it will always remain as 'PAGE 1' on any page using the template. Some of the special objects like the page name or number that you can add are changed dynamically.
If you have a template layout and want to add a text box at the same position on each page but with different contents just copy and paste the first page as many times as you need then edit the text on each page as required.
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