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Second teacher
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I'm new in courselab
I want to work with a teacher that ask me to do something on the screen
Ex : push a certain button
When the user can't find that specific button i want to have a second teacher comming on the screen and show wherenthe user can push that button

The only way i found was working with a frame. But it is in my opinion to slow
There is always a refresh from the hole screen
I want the second teacher to come in into the slide
Thanks helping me
As long an set something to act as a trigger then you could do this.
Add a second 'teacher' and use a page level action to hide it.
The trigger you have chosen then unhides it and starts it.
You can also use an action to move this from outside of the display area to give you a walk on effect.
Just think what you want to happen.. break it into little steps.. decide which action or actions can achieve those steps.
If there isn't an action that fits then javascript can fill the gap
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