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Pass variables to web page?
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I want to be able to get someone to go through some slides filling out form elements as they go and at the end collate all their answers and print them out.

So can anyone tell me how to pass a variable out of courselab to appear on a web page or into another document (word?) for printing.

Question one, capture the user responses into variables. Write the variables into a page of your module, add a javascript page print command ..... Done
Question two, writing to a web page, is it on a remote server or on the host PC, which browser and OS is it?? The answer is different depending on the combination of the abpve.
Writing to a document, again what is the host PC OS, do you expect to use an inbuilt text editor (again OS specific)or some other word processor again which OS which WP and which revision.
Once you get past these last points either extend the SCORM API or better add some custom javascript to handle passing the data. Else flash action scripted to pass the variables can do much the same.
Thanks nick,

I can capture the responses into the variables and print them back onto a module slide no problem. I want to pass them to a basic HTML page on the host machine, browser ie, os windows xp - the reason is just so that I can fit all the answers into a bigger page rather than a slide for printing. Any help would be appreciated!
Thanks again
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