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published scorm course not working
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I've created a course using CourseLab 2.7 and unfortunately my published SCORM course is not working. I've tried publishing the course using both SCORM methods, as well as the AICC.

When I uploaded this course (using any of the methods) to Moodle, and tried to enter the course, I got an Internal Server Error - 500. The course did not open at all.

I assumed this was something with Moodle or my server, but then I tried uploading the course to 'SCORM Cloud' to test it, and I got the error:

Registration_FindActivityForThisScormObject could not find the activity for learning object 98f8c2ab-d0da-410a-8387-36924ce11c84
Would you like to enter debug mode?

Followed by another error that said 'Fatal error has occurred. Exiting course.'

Any ideas here?
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