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Screen Capture not working
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I'm trying to use the Screen Capture feature in 2.4 but instead of opening the wizard it just opens the web page on this site about Screen Capture. Please help!
Apparently Screen Capture is only available with the commercial version. So much for 100% free![:(]
I now have to uninstall the product as I wanted just that feature.
Marcella what you get in 2.4 is a working platform for creating SCORM compliant e-learning material. The Screen capture and PDF import have (until the commercial 2.7 version whwre thry are bundled in) have always been clearly described as payed for extras.
A good moving or still screen capture utility will cost you something like Ј240 ($380).
A good SCORM standaone will cost you anything up to Ј500 (US$800) and that's without screen capture.
So if you want to go and buy camtasia, macromedia learning suite or one of the other screen capture and scorm compliant package generators go ahead, just make sure you have a $1000 or so spare.
That compared to the cost of a download... Free is free, 2.4 is free and as advertised
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