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does courselab 2.7 has the function of "email"
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May I ask if courselab has the function of "email"? if yes, how do i know it.
thanks a lot
It doesn't Erica, the reason is because ideally use would be using a centralised LMS to capture and collate results.
The first problem with generating mails from a standalone module is that it would rely on the user having an e-mail client installed on the PC. That is someting like Outlook or Thunderbird, if they just use web mail you couldn't simply start it up.
The next problem is that using a mail client means that the user sees the mail content before it is sent and can modify it. You could encrypt the contents of course but that supposes that you have a java based encryption so that it is not dependant the users OS.
So what can you do? You could sent it as using http or https protocols to an ASP or PHP web page to handle the text and forward as a mail. This then assumes that the user has a live internet connection at the time.
Unfortunately 'simple' things aren't always as simple as they might seem and e-mail is one of these!
The easiest way to do this would be to set up your own LMS, most simple would be to buy some web space to host it. The software for the LMS itself is free and not really tricky to set up.
OR if you have a reasonable bandwidth into your home AND it is unmetered/unlimited you could use an old PC (you can get a refurbished P4 based PC for well around Ј75 UK if you search the net. Here is an example http://www.morgancomputers.co.uk/product_detail/13089/HP-D530-SFF-Descktop-512MB-40GB-XP-Pro-17-HP-4-3-LCD-Screen/ ) and share your net connection with this. You'd need a fixed IP address but the cost of that is minimal.
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