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Component windows media player missing
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After months of working my 1st module, I set out to test publish it to see what it would look like so I uploaded it onto My Course Lab. Sadly first time unlucky:(:(
When I click on the link, it takes me to the Opening slide but then I can't continue and I have the message 'Component Windows media player is missing'- I have Media player on my computer and it works.
It then displays the first slide of the course, all garbled... Not wisywig at all??
Do I need a newer version of Media Player maybe?? Or is there something I do when creating the slides that does not fit?
Please help!
The module flagging that media player is missing is two things, the first that it might be looking for an older version and the second is that it is looking!
You can turn dependancies (external stuff that the module needs on and off in from the MODULE drop down menus, you want the RUNTIME SETTINGS option. Go to the Checks tab and first make sure that media player is not ticked, if it isn't then select it so it is ticked then click on the disable button. That should stop the error message.
Next check through the files in the published module to see that the media file is there!! Sometimes if it is a call to a file with an external dependancy (something that the host PC has to have) courselab forgets to move a copy when it makes the published version of the module.
The garbled first slide, I asume that it is the text that is garbled and maybe also in not quite the font you expected?? If it is then you have copied and pasted the text in either from the net ot more likely M$ Word. Doing this leaves a huge number of embeded tags in the text which will over ride those you might apply in the courselab text editor.
If this is the case either copy from word then paste into notepad first to clean it THEN copy and paste from notepad into the courselab text editor OR use something like Open Office or it's offshoot Libra Office which does a clean cut and paste.
Oh and Open Office and Libra Office can both natively produce PDF files which is useful. They are also able to produce files which (sad but true) tend to be more compatible across a wider range of M$ office versions than the M$ versions themselves produce.
You've got to be amused by the last one LOL
Hey, thank you so much for taking the time to reply. Before I follow your advice, I think I figured out that the reason for it to be garbled and getting this message is that it seems the Course does not run on Google Chrome. I tried to test run it on Internet explorer and I don't seem to get all the issues.
However, since I have readjusted the slides, I'll upload the new course in a few days time and if the problem does arise again, I'll definitely follow your instructions. Indeed, Media player is ticked in Runtime Settings...
Thanks too for the tip on Open Office and Libra office. Sounds definitely useful!
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