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How to do slide transitions with a test?
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My test consists of 3 questions and if the score of the student is <=1 then it redirects the student back to the lesson, if the score is >=2 then redirect the student to Next lesson (next slide). I just cant find similar situation. The tutorials that i saw with the same structure (slide transitions) are only good for one question.

Here's what i done but didn't work:
Right Click Test object > Actions > Event on Test End
IF SCORE(Objective='ISP-Passed',Source=",Condition='<=',Score='1')
GOTO(Frame='FRAME_15',Option='Specified Frame')
GOTO(Frame='FRAME_25',Option='Specified Frame'

Im just not sure why this doesn't work...

Please help....thanks![:confused:]

So it loks like the first line, your conditional check is failing.
So first of all you are using a Right Mouse click to trigger the event, why is the user going to do that, it isn't really very intuitive.
Probably evealuating it using an ON ATTEMPT event would trigger the actions automatically.
Next as you test this you want to make sure that your variable score is at zero to start with. The variable can hold old results if you are just firing off pages to test AND with a recurrent approach any score to date can remain in the variable.
On the lines of actions, you have indented them ?? otherwise they will fire off sequentially.
> means a space
My conditional statement
>Action if statement is true
>Action if statement is false
Cool! Thanks Nick!
About the right click, i am just stating the directions on how i (as the dev) went to "Actions" [;)]
Yup! else and goto are indented, as stated on the manual.

May I ask for a step by step instruction? >.< I mean which actions and events i should use, what should be written there, how do i define the objective... T_T

Super thanks!
I still didn't understand what you said about " how to set up the variables".

Btw, how to use the "print" variable, if i want to print the result of test.

thanks a lot
For printing results you need to first disaply them on a page.
The variables can be displayed within a text box.
Then you will need a button or an object to use as a button. In this case a little graphic of a printer would be user friendly. This needs an action attached to it. I'd use an ONCLICK event with a JAVASCRIPT action, just add javascript:window.print() and a click will take you to the normal print dialog on the users PC.
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