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Possible bug re: Window title on the Continued message
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If you have two sequential questions, say a True/False (Single Choice), followed by a Multiple Choice, the following can happen:

1) You answer the T/F, and then click Next to go to the Multiple Choice.
2) You decide to go back to the T/F BEFORE answering the Multiple Choice.
3) You answer the T/F again (recurring approach allowed).
4) Then, when you proceed to the Multiple Choice for the 2nd time, you get a “Continued” popup message. The message is referring to the Multiple Choice question coming up, but the window title says “True or False Question” (the name of the T/F slide), which is confusing.

I assume that this happens because the message is displayed before the Multiple Choice window appears, so the previous T/F question window still has focu
That or the variables storing transient question related info share the same name and aren't reset.
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