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Courselab Not Working in Windows 8?
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I just updated to Windows 8 and when I go to open a text box I get a black screen? Anyone else having a problem? I have tried it in compadibility mode but no luck.
Win 7 could run a virtual version of XP, this would guarantee courselab running on 8, unfortunately this seems to have been dropped in 8.
Instead you can use MS-HyperV although MS don't seem to supply the XP image as was the case with 7 OR something like virtualbox would do as well.
You won't get the same level of integration as in 7 where apps installed on VirtualPC appeared on the start menu.
While I've used the beta's I wouldn't install 8 on a production machine till it gets to at least SP1 level.
I'm not sure that I'll even go to 8, more likely I'll end up on Linux and use codeweavers crossover or virtualbox with XP to run apps that need windows.
You are indicating Windows 8 problems when developing. Can anyone confirm that users don't have problems when running courses on Windows 8?
The web standards used should be picked up by the compatibility modes in M$ Explorer so I wouldn't be too concerned the modules won't run. If this was the case then a huge swathe of the internet based content would fall over as much uses older standards and schemas. It is unlikely that there will be any problems with the published modules from courselab as the browser version is explorer 8, this is the current release version and AFIK there isn't a 'special' version for the new windoze platform.
As for developing on any version of 8
I can't even install properly on windows 8. Courselab 2.4 installs and runs fine,but 2.7 installs, and when you try to open it you get HASP API Error 33 and tells me I need to install a HASP driver.
On windows 8 I'd try installing with admin rights and turn of UAC.
Its quite likely that windows is installing but disabling the hasp part of the software. Possibly it's because it's partly a system level change, that is the software is simulating a USB key with a passcode on it.
I'd also suggest that with all windows releases the OS will be filled with holes and bugs that will take the first full service patch to fix.
I usually run the betas so I'm up to speed on the release but won't actually use it on a production pc until SP1 is released. PAst experience says it really isn't worth the hassle and often major problems a new windows version dumps on you.
A bit of research and I think this is most likely to be a UAC issue.
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