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import ppt issue
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I am using the courseLab 2.4 for free.When i click the "import from powerpoint",the software opened a new window with the URL "http://www.courselab.com/db/cle/root_id/ppt/doc.html".I want to know if the V2.4 support to import powerpoint.
I also installed the v2.7 on trial.It can import PPT.
Thanks a lot.[:confused:]
2.7 has power point import built in and it is software you buy.
2.4 is free but you can buy power point import add on.
As a rule power point produces the most appalling learning material as it requires a commentator/narrator to fill in the yawning information gaps. If you have used it properly then there will only be a title and very limited number of bullet pointed text items.
It is probably better to rebuild and make it more engaging using decent software (courselab).
In any case if you have decided to use Courselab as your main content creation tool then it is worth seriously considering buying the newer version,
As you'll have noticed it does have quite a few nice layout objects and more question types.
You can replicate most of this in 2.4 but it takes quite a bit of effort!!
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