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CoarseLab 2.4 to 2.7
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I have been using CourseLab 2.4 for 25 modules that have .swf Flash, Camtasia .flv Videos, and static pictures. It has been working fine using IE 7.0 and deployed using SharePoint Learning Kit. The content cannot be previewed using other browsers or a MAC PC. My question is - If I bought the version 2.7, can I open the existing 2.4 project files and publish as HTML5 so that it is viewable using MAC and other browsers ? I know that some of my Flash content will have to be rendered as MP4[:confused:]
Most of the 2.4 content renders OK on other browsers.
Some objects don't work where they use IE specific shortcuts to render the shape BUT you can tell courselab to save these as graphics so they do work.
Flash eyc depends entirely on the browser and HTML5 won't make any difference if your files aren't in a compatibile MP'n' format.
On MAC's it will depend on which browser you are using wether you can view the content, the security settings are also important.
2.4 contentent can be opened with 2.7 but 2.4 cannot open 2.7. Overall cross browser support is much improved in 2.7.
As I've said elsewhere HTML5 isn't a magic cure for all your problems
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