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Hi all! I am new to CourseLab and am trying to add the PRINT button to each slide in my module, so they can be printed. I tried to add it through ACTIONS, but am told there are no parameters. I have no clue what to do now, I really need to print this module! Can anyone help? Thanks so much!!
So you'll have noticed that there isn't a 'print' button either. So what I would do is this...
* Add a small graphic of a printer to any page you want to allow to be printed.
* Right click and select the action option.
* You need to have an ONCLICK event with a JAVASCRIPT action.
* Double click the entry you just made in the actions dialogue and a window to enter the javascript appears.
* Type in window.print()
Clicking the printer symbol will now pull up the usual windows (or other OS) print dialogue.
Another option might be to make a single collated collection of the pages. Just run the module and screen capture each page you want the user to have a copy of, crop and drop into a simple document type. I'd suggest RTF or OASIS (ODF)as good choices as these will open in most word processors on most OS platforms. You could also then add addtional text information or notes for each page.
It's well worth exploring the actions available, you can do all sorts of interesting and exciting (I don't think I get out enough!!) things with them.

Oh if I'm ever in Indiana you now owe me a coffee LOL
Thanks Nick! I'll try these suggestions.[:p]
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