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Variables in Questionsd
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Is it possible to put variables from a text input box into quizzes?

For example, you could ask: "Name a capital city" and they input #city_var1 and, in another box #city_var2

Then, on the next page there is a quiz asking them to put the cities in distance from London.

Obviously, in this example, the scoring system wouldn't work, but would that be possible....without TOO much techy stuff....?
Well you could Kevin BUT...... The method used for comparing text is simple bolean logic which is case sensitive.
So if the answer I want to see is Rome BUT the user types ROME, rome, RoME, or RomE the comparison gives me a no it doesn't match response.
With a short name you could check for all varients of case but it rapidly gets out of hand.
Santiago... Noooo I don't think we want to go there.
Scoring is easy, at it's simplest you could have an onject, almost any object, and an action that uses an ONCLICK event with a SET SCORE. Click and whatever number you want is added to the user score,
You could go about this a different way... I don't know what your audience for this project is but might a drag and drop concept work where the user drags the name onto a graphic of a map.
That is relatively simple to implement, I could probably mail you a sample.
As for the distances these could be done in a similar dropping the capital names onto a distance scale.
Drop me a mail.
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