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How to use HTML5 tags on courselab
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I want to know if ther's a way that i can use HTML5 tags using CourseLab 2.7 or HTML using CourseLab 2.4,
I need to add an video to the course but i need to use the HTML5 tag because it can select diferents codecs and use the best video extension to the user. For this i'll use the tag <video> of HTML5. Can someone help me?
Probably the only way you'd be able to do this is to embed the html5 video tag in an iframe.
Dont forget to add the alternate and normal embeded player link for non html5 capable browsers.
BTW the html5 tag doesn't select a different codec or extension, it just relies on the browser options on that PC. If you use an MP'n' format that is unsupported on that specific PC or platform it still won't play.
Using this tag isn't a magic solution to compatibility, at the end of the day it is still down to file compatibility.
I am using courselab 2.4 and would like to embed HTML5 rather than flash.

How can I embed the html5 video tag as you mention above. The only options that I have for the IFRAME source are the File or the URL. I can't find where I am supposed to embed the tags.
xjoaniex you understand what an IFrame object is?
Basically it is an html frame that you can open another url in within an open browser window.
So the bourselab module opens in a web browser and if you add an iframe to a page then you can open an html document in it.
The html document can either be:
FILE -> The file is local and on the same media as the module. The files are packaged with the module
URL -> The file is located in a location remote from the media holding the module.
HTML tages are the descriptions that are used by the browser to render the page. Look at this page and use the browser to look at the page source.
So you would need to write the page that is displayed in the iframe.
None of this is rocket science, it is all basic web technology and widely documented (see WC3 for html info). Before you even touch HTML5 you need to have a basic understanding of html.
Go read and research, when you understand the basic terms and concepts repost if you are still having problems with this.
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