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Continued Approach attempts
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In properties, there are warning messages. How do I disable them specifically the one labeled as "continued"? I have changed it and made it blank, but it will still prompt to click to continue.

Hi Harrison, there is a clue in the standard message 'Continued approach. Number of attempts may be decreased.'. Continued approach is where you can have more than one try at getting the question right, you can specify this on a per question basis. You'll find this in the limitations tab of the questions properties. Here you can either set a fixed number of approaches or calculate them which really means to count the number of goes.
If you select claculate number it should just count them and not give the warning.
There is another setting that is related to this. Just setting a high number of 'tries' or simply counting them at the question page allows multiple tries. It doesn't allow them if you have completed the question in a previous session on an LMS, to allow this you need to select allow recurring approaches on the limitations tab.
Far as I remember this should be right.
If the person selects a wrong answer on the question I use a call to another slide. Its when I return it get this msg. I have tried all the suggestions you listed but nothing positive.
If you are taking them back into the slide from another page then you probably also should turn off 'stricy navigation'. That's in the runtime settings for the module.
I could not find this setting. I went into runtime settings under module, there are 5 tabs and could not find it anywhere.[:(]
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