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Ending a Course... Please help
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Can someone please assist with...

So I've created a simple page turner course, I've exported it as a SCO. I've uploaded it to my LMS... I've built a test using the LMS's test building tool... The way things are configured, the LMS won't allow the test to be taken until the previous material is complete... in this case the page turner I built in CourseLab... When the user goes through the courselab module and exits out of it on the last page, there is nothing indicated to the LMS that the module was completed. Hence the user can't take the test. How do I add something to the module to pass to the LMS once the exit button (only available on the last page) is pressed the course is complete. My LMS btw is Digital Chalk.

Thanks in advance!
Not too tricky Mike. The LMS provides a shell for the module to comminicate through. So the module itself has to pass something to the LMS.
You do this either by defining some rules in the runtime options. That's in drop down menu item Module. In objectives you can set what wil flag completion, this can be an event like opening all or some of the pages.
Alternatively you can add some actions to the page, say an AFTERDISPLAY event with a SET COMPLETION STATUS.
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