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Hi There

I am in the process of developing an educational related course for people with literacy difficulties. My first module is all about the alphabet and sounds.

I would like to know more about the form features in Courselab. For example, I want to create the following action on a slide:

An icon is clicked by the individual and it plays the sound of a word eg c-a-t

In the form box (which is where I am experiencing great difficulty), I want the individual to type what they heard to create the word. Then I want either a message or a tick icon to show if their response is correct or not.

The individual should be allowed to replay the sound.

Can I do this, if so what coding would be appropriate? And would it work on the free version of Courselab?

Hope you can help. Otherwise back to the drawing board for me.

Thanks in advance.


Yes you can do this Mish but you'll have some problems with the users feedback.
Firstly it is going to be difficult to force the input box to use either capitals or lower case characters, The user can use these randomly.
Look at this -> cat CAT Cat cAt caT . They all spell cat but as you have to compare a string using boolean operators. These are strictly logical and literal so c is the same as but c isn't the same as C. In order to compare the users input to the correct response you would have to compare it to all of the possible variations.
It depends on how complex you words are on how complicated the checking routine has to be.
BUT it is possible to do this.
A random thought on the user spelling out words .... Why not add a few different letters which include the ones you need and have them drag and drop them onto a 'target area'. This is actually relatively simple to do using actions.
On page you might have a visual cue, say a small image of this cat. The image also acts as a button to trigger the sound to play -> Onclick Sound.
Near the image are some squares that act as the drop points for the letters. Again there is a visual cue for the user in that there are areas.
Each area checks on drop for a specific letter, does nothing if wrong but gives a a visual cue if the drop is correct. This keeps the checking pretty simple and a text or audible cue could be added.
The drag and drop objects would be something like scrabble tiles.
It's relatively elegant and gets around the boolean logic problems of pattern matching having to be correct.
You could also extend this to have relatively complex words.
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