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I have been thinking about producing, maybe an e-book or big PDF, about Courselab mainly aimed at the 2.4 version.
I would envisage this:
* give a minimal and general overview of Courselab
* give a minimal and general overview of the relevant standards (ADL and AICC)
* give general overview of the tasks in organising the production of e-learning material and provide some generic project documentation.
* pulling some of the common question topics and answers from the forum here together.
* give some insight and practical examples in the use of actions.
I don't expect this to be completed anytime soon as I do have lots of other projects but what would YOU like to see in this kind of thing??
I like very much this idea.
For example, I consider very important examples of aplications, examples of code,this is very important for me. I think the code in Courselab is fundamental.
Congratulations on the idea Nick!!!
Examples of code that can be used in several ways would be included Susana. There have been some good examples here, such as a random and automated selection of questions.
Even the simple but often overlooked indenting of code which has caused quite a bit of confusion.
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