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Hello there. Using the free version of course-lab to make e learning packages. Publishing under scorm 2004 LMS. uploading it to MS SharePoint and we are having issues with scoring.

Although I have made sure the runtime settings state that the maximum mark is 7 (for 7 questions) and that each correct answer scores a point of 1, no recurring attempts etc, when the test has been completed 100% correctly the SharePoint says 50/100. I don't know if this is an issue with SharePoint itself or something I am missing at my end on Courselab.

has anyone else had issues with scoring?

Another issue we have is the input of hyperlinks within slides. it doesn't seem to like doing it![:confused:]

any help would be greatly appreciated.[:p]
Sharepoint is not without its (many) problems, partialy because while it is from MS it isn't and hasn't been one of their formally supported products.
Have you checked the sharepoint fora for any of these problems?
Presumably you're using this internally with sharepoint '07 or '10 and SLK.
As the SCORM API ought to be pretty much the same on any platform then it may be the interpretation of the API that SLK uses. AFIK passing the scorm score is pretty reliable on SLK, I'd assume that this is a problem in SLK or it's interaction with its sharepoint host. You are using a few interfaces at once, the module and the SCORM API, the sgarepoint/slk interface and sharepoint sql interactions. There are alot of areas where this score passing can fail or glitch. I must admit to having little experience with this (sharepoint & slk)though.
On the hyperlink problems one of your support people ought to look at the generated html code at the page level where the links fail and see what is being generated at the users browser.
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