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Blank screen on Moodle 2.3.1 (Build: 20120706)
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I have a problem using Moodle 2.3.1.(Build: 20120706)
When I launch a courselab 2.4 package the process hangs with a blank screen displayed.
Using a scorm packege build with xerte, hotpotatoes works without problem.
Before the Moodle 2.3.1 update courselab package was working without problem.
I will apreciate any help.
I'm assuming that you published this as a SCORM 2004 module??
Try publshing the same module in 1.2 or even AICC and see what happens. Moodle still has issues with 2004, see the massive list of documentation on this in the fora and the bugs logged etc.
I tried SCORM 1.2 and AICC but it didnґt work.
I will check the moodle.org forums.
Thanks for your help.
I have the same problem with scrom module for hot potatoes with my moodle 2.3.1. But with my old moodle 2.2.1. it was OK.
Can you help me someone? Must we wait a upgrade to Moodle 2.4.
It does seem to be the case that moodle revisions often break as much as they fix. Still it is a good product, the user group support is pretty good and the dev team is responsive to issues.
Francois it is a problem with moodle, you will need to check the moodle forums for an answer.
As far as I remember hot potatoes uses pretty much the earliest SCORM standard.

You notice the ... "it worked before update to 2.3.1", a bit of a clue there that it's a problem with that moodle version.
Log it, check the moodle fora, someone may have cracked this already
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